Red Plate Scheme.

The CRAB Hermits welcomes new members who are passionate about classic motorcycles and motorcycling but please note that the aim of the Hermits is to raise funds for cancer research. If we “red plate” your bike you will be expected to participate in club activities and fundraising programs. If you’re into classic bikes and riding, enjoy socialising within a club and are community spirited then welcome aboard; if you just want cheap rego then we suggest you find another club to join. The CRAB Hermits will not re-new registrations of members who have not participated.

Please note the following changes to the VicRoads Club Permit Scheme.

As of the 31st of January 2015 the following changes apply...

A current Roadworthy Certificate will be required for all new registrations. A RWC will not be required for renewals.

Club scrutineers will be required to complete a Vehicle Eligibility and Standards Declaration form.

Clubs are now required to maintain dated photographs of motorcycles entering the club permit scheme.

New modification guidelines now apply. Vehicles that have been modified too far away from the manufacture's original design may be no longer eligible for club registration and may have their registration cancelled. VicRoads is now urging clubs to re-certify vehicles with “inappropriate modifications”.

Motorcycles that were produced prior to 1975 that don't have a complience plate and have not been registered before will require an engineers report.

A new agreement between the club and VicRoads needs to be submitted in March 2015.


***** "Red Platers" please note - If you fail to fill out your log book prior to riding and are pulled over by the police, the same penalty will apply as if you were riding an unregistered and uninsured (third party) motorcyle. Sanctions may also apply to the club resulting in the possibility of the club being removed from the permit scheme.


Applications and renewals for Club Permit Registration must be lodged in person at a CRAB General Meeting.